The European dimension in teaching - the EPTE experience 


Metka Kuk, EPTE student of the summer semester 2018/2019 in Linz won Bronze Medal at the Figure Skating World Championship in Barcelona! The EPTE congratulates! Well done, Metka! 

  • EPTE (European Primary Teacher Education) is a one semester study programme (30 ECTS) for primary teacher education students, offered yearly in of the following cooperating partner institutions: 
  • The EPTE curriculum strongly supports the idea of democracy and a European identity based on a sense of solidarity and interdependency and promotes the “European dimension in education”.
  • The “European dimension” is reflected in the structure and content of the programme:
  • EPTE-Students study in an internationally mixed student group (3-4 students from each involved partner institution) 
  • EPTE students experience intensive academic and cultural contrasts 
  • Each module is taught by a team of internationally mixed experts, each of them applying different teaching approaches according to their educational and cultural backgrounds

EPTE - teaching out of the box ….. 

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